Here you will find links and resources regarding Covid-19 for visitors traveling to St. Lucia

Covid-19 update


On a daily basis the government in St. Lucia updates the latest figures regarding infections, vaccination rates etc in the country. This can be found on this website - Covid 19 response.

The country currently has a low infection rate per 100,000 persons and we are waiting to find out which channel the UK government will place us once travel is again permitted out of the UK.

All visitors should refer to this website (Ministry of Tourism) which outlines the entry requirement for all travellers to the island. The online pre-registration form can be filled out here and the medical declaration form printed.

In addition, it outlines all the tours, attractions, restaurants that are currently operating and lists all the properties like ourselves that are Covid certified.

If you have any questions as you plan your trip here please do not hesitate to contact us.

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